21-Day Reset 
Break the cycle & move forward empowered 

What's Included 
  • Not quite sure whether you're ready for the 8-week signature sobriety course, but can feel it in your bones that it's time to hit the reset button on your relationship with booze? This is a great place to start dipping your sober-curious toe in to the water  

  • Powerful, evidence based strategies & tools to help you combat cravings

  • Content to educate you, de-condition your subconscious & begin to re-wire your neural pathways so you can effectively begin to change your relationship with alcohol


  • A fully-online experience, meaning you can complete the challenge from the comfort of your own lounge room

  • Access to the online learning portal & private online community via desktop or downloadable app 

  • 2 X Weekly Online Group Coaching Calls with 1:1 support from Jen and Lucy at 7pm every Wednesday & 3.30pm every Sunday AEST/AEDT (the confidential call recordings are shared the following day so you can catch up if you miss the calls)  

  • Beautifully comprehensible worksheets, exercises, craving tool cards and more 

  • In-depth video & audio lessons presented by either Jen or Lucy 

  • A dedicated and private online community for you to connect with the other women in the Thrivalist community, as well as Jen and Lucy. This is where the community informally connects to share their experiences and support each other between the weekly calls - you don't need a Facebook account to join!


  • Masterclasses to support your journey, presented by and with highly experienced and expert guest mentors (Life Coaches, Healers, Therapist & more) plus interviews with incredible sober women

  • The content from the reset covers Module 1 of the 8-week course so if you sign up to the 8-week course you move straight in to Module 2  and get a 20% discount off the price of the 8-week course 

  • We are dedicated to respecting your privacy & confidentiality. Call recordings are deleted after 6 days, you can sign up to the course using an alias name if you should wish, and Thrivalist will not share any information you share with us without obtaining your prior permission (for example, a testimonial).

Lucy Quick & Jen Clements, Thrivalist Co-Founders & Coaches

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$99 USD*

Approx $125 AUD

*Price is quoted in USD due to the platform it is hosted on pricing in USD.

AUD rate may vary slightly & is an estimate based on today’s currency conversion rates.

Life's Too Wondrous to be Wasted


Thrivalist is a sisterhood steeped in connection and support,  full of women who understand exactly where you are, no matter where you are on your journey. We are open to all woman who are ready to explore a deeper side of themselves, ready to make positive changes and who have been feeling like alcohol is just not working positively for them any more.

What our Students are telling us... 

Thrivalist Student 

"Thrivalist has been the catalyst and offered the support I needed to stop drinking. Taking the option of drinking off the table has been life changing. I know it's never again for me and just knowing that has stopped all the mental chatter/questions and thoughts about alcohol. 


I'm so excited for my continuing growth and opening myself up to all life has to offer. I couldn't be happier, or prouder, or more grateful.


I also feel so lucky to have connected with some amazing women through the course who I know I will keep in contact with."


Thrivalist Student 

"Thank you Lucy & Jen  for changing my life in the most positive way. 

Your course helped me look at my drinking habits in a way that felt supportive & informative without judgement.

I took comfort from the community & I really enjoyed hearing how the others were using your tools to curb their own cravings.

I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to live their life wondrously & without alcohol like me."


Thrivalist Student 

"I don't have words sufficient enough to express my gratitude for this Thrivalist course! 


Thrivalist came to me at the most perfect time and as a result of the factual basis, care & kindness that Lucy & Jen approach sober living, the choice to stop drinking has been so much more pleasure than pain. ​

I recommend Thrivalist to anyone who questions their drinking behaviour and choices in any way shape or form. 

Thank you so much Jen & Lucy - our sobriety queens! 



Thrivalist Student 

 "I learnt so many things from the Thrivalist course and Lucy and Jen. 

The structure of this amazing course gives you the tools and support to stop drinking and your personal “Why” you want to stop.

​I am now officially living the dream, my life gets better every day - who would have guessed??

Thanks Lucy and Jen, you are angels. Thank you for making me feel so at home, like I belonged, among my tribe. 


You have designed such an amazing course and you make so much difference to every life you touch."

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