Signature 8-Week Course 
Change your relationship with alcohol long-term

What's Included 
  • For the same cost as three bottles of wine a week, the Thrivalist 8-week online sobriety course will enable you to change your relationship with alcohol in an empowered an inspired way


  • A fully-online experience, meaning you can complete the course from the comfort of your own lounge room

  • Access to the online learning portal for via desktop or downloadable app 

  • Weekly Online Group Coaching Call with 1:1 support from Jen and Lucy at 7pm every Wednesday AEST/AEDT (the confidential call recordings are shared the following day so you can catch up if you miss the calls)  

  • A beautifully comprehensible online manual and printed daily journal and workbook with over 30 worksheets and exercises*

  • In-depth video lessons for each of the 8 modules presented by either Jen or Lucy and interviews with inspirational sober women 

  • A dedicated and private online community for you to connect with the other women in the Thrivalist community, as well as Jen and Lucy. This is where the community informally connects to share their experiences and support each other between the weekly calls - you don't need a Facebook account to join!


  • Educational content to support your journey, presented by highly experienced and expert guest mentors (Life Coaches, Healers, Therapist & more) and interviews with incredible sober women

  • We are dedicated to respecting your privacy & confidentiality. Call recordings are deleted after 6 days, you can sign up to the course using an alias name if you should wish, and Thrivalist will not share any information you share with us without obtaining your prior permission (for example, a testimonial).

*Please allow 4 business days for your printed materials to arrive. For students signing up anywhere other than Aus, NZ & South Africa, you will receive soft copy materials via email  in place of printed materials. 

Lucy Quick & Jen Clements, Thrivalist Co-Founders & Coaches

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Life's Too Wondrous to be Wasted


$469 USD*

Approx $599 AUD

Payment Plan Option Available

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We know the cycle, we were also stuck in it for so long. You have tried to taper back your drinking, and even taken a month off here and there (see, I don't have a REAL problem...) but very quickly revert back to old ways, and sometimes even make up for lost time. 

Thrivalist is a holistic, evidence-based sobriety course that actually works. It will help you to understand that you don't need alcohol to live a full and happy life and in fact discover that alcohol can often be a big cause of your discontent, and fueling the very desire to drink to begin with!


Over the 8-week course you will be learning about the most cutting edge approaches to free yourself from alcohol, including amino acid therapy (the best kept secret in the sober-sphere), unraveling so many false subconscious beliefs around alcohol, and building your own bespoke suite of self-care practices (so life-coachy, but truly so effective).


The course trainers are both trained life coaches, so Thrivalist is over-flowing with beautiful, soulful teachings, but we promise that this course is so much more than journalling your way to sobriety. Thrivalist will enable you to build a truly wondrous life, in whatever way that may look and feel for you, finally freeing you from the alcohol trap. 

Course Structure 

Module One

Your Journey Begins

The starting point for your journey, Module One will prepare you deeply for the following 8-weeks, setting you up for an incredible experience: 

  • What to expect when you stop drinking, the good, the bad, the ugly (& the beautiful!)

  • Recognising your triggers and how you can learn and grow from them

  • Developing your own personal 'Why' for sobriety 

  • Understanding cravings, then preparing, avoiding and controlling them

  • Craft your own bomb-proof sobriety toolkit arming yourself for success

  • Using journaling as a tool to up-level

Module Five 

Supporting your Sober Self 

Supporting yourself holistically (mind, body, spirit & environment) enables you to build a solid foundation for you to base your sobriety from: 

  • Using the Thrivalist ‘Holistic Sobriety Framework’, learn how to decrease stress and nurture yourself properly, so that you don’t need alcohol to cope

  • Get to the root causes beneath your drinking and learn how to address them one-by-one

  • Learn how to nurture your inner-child and set up some strong boundaries for yourself

  • Why relapses are reminders and sometimes a necessary part of the journey

Module Two

Alcohol & Addiction 

Understanding alcohol and addiction is an important part of your journey to sobriety, or controlling your drinking. When we know the truth, our subconscious mind creates new pathways for our decisions to be based from. In this module we take a deep-dive in to understanding alcohol & addiction: 

  • What exactly is alcohol and why do us humans drink it?  

  • The Alcohol Use Disorder spectrum, where you sit on it and why 'Am I an Alcoholic' may not be the right question to ask yourself 


  • What is addiction, how does it form and why does it stick (P.S. - It is not your fault!) 

  • What does alcohol actually do to your body, brain, mind and soul

Module Six

Crafting a Wondrous Life

Taking away the alcohol fog and low-vibes allows space for wondrous opportunities and outcomes to blossom:

  • Build your beautiful bucket-list (because we really do only have one shot on this planet)

  • Find and express your own magical values, the principles and standards you set for yourself in order to live your most incredible life

  • Create your life purpose and vision so you can clearly define and envisage where your journey is going  

Module Three

Choosing Sobriety

In this module you will be guided towards making a rock-solid decision to quit:


  • Making your commitment to sobriety sacred and official 

  • Harness the power of never questioning your decision to quit 

  • Use your past successes to prove to yourself you have what it takes to make this change 

  • Learn from what hasn't worked for you in the past when it comes to moderation or attempting to quit

  • How to tell the people in your life that you have quit and what response to expect from them

  • Discover how to love socialising sober

Module Seven

Making it Happen 

Your hard work and effort and the significant positive changes that you have made to your life will mean your energy levels will be so incredibly high-vibe. This means you now have the ability to attract high-vibe things in to your world. The things you have only ever dreamt of, will soon be your reality:

  • Get crystal clear about what you would really like to achieve in your life by setting some inspiring and achievable goals 

  • Learn how to turn your goals in to realities by understanding and taking the right process and steps to achieve them

  • Discover the The Thrivalist 7-step manifestation process and learn how to call in your dream life

Module Four

Making it Stick

When making lasting behaviour change in regards to quitting alcohol, it is so important that we embody the lifestyle & habits of a happy, healthy non-drinker:

  • Build your own incremental habit builder to customise and follow

  • Understand why and how small changes when repeated consistently over time, lead to big results

  • Identify and use your strengths to your advantage in facilitating the change you want

  • Learn how to build a positive mindset & kick your negative thoughts to the curb

  • Learn how to use emotional regulation techniques

Module Eight

Your Meaningful Future

In the final module we recap everything you have learned so far and celebrate your achievements and success. Sobriety is not a final destination. It is an ongoing life journey that keeps evolving while you keep growing, expanding and up-levelling:

  • Learn how to continue subconsciously working on your sobriety daily, without even realising you are doing it

  • Building beautiful connections, fostering your community and being of service to others

  • Celebrating and regularly rewarding yourself for your amazing achievements!

  • Where to from here and staying connected within the Thrivalist community 


Thrivalist has identified the need to support moderate drinking problems with a gentle, supported and personable process. The program content is relatable and skilfully offers comprehensive evidence-based information and techniques to empower women to make up their own minds about the usefulness of alcohol in their lives.

Dr. Kris Adnams

 Registered Clinical Psychologist 


Thrivalist Guest Mentors 


Kris Adnams 

Registered Clinical Psychologist & Founder of MamaMind.  


Understanding how mental health intertwines with addiction, strategies for recovering from addiction & creating your own powerful healing journey.

Kelly Bramblett

Kelly Bramblett

Trauma Support Coach, Reiki Master Teacher & host of the High Vibe Podcast.


How her own trauma recovery journey has enabled her to support & empower others, explaining exactly what trauma is and guidance for overcoming your own trauma as part of your healing journey.

Kate Reardon

Kate Reardon 

Practitioner of Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine & Intuitive Metaphysical Healer.


Starting your healing journey, connecting to your spiritual nature,  overcoming sugar cravings & the importance of meeting your core needs to overcome addiction.

Sussana Christine
Sammie Fleming
Freya Graf

Sussana Christine

Menstrual Cycle Coach & Circle Facilitator bringing cyclical awareness & menstrual understanding to her clients.


The importance of slowing down & honouring your needs, the power of understanding your menstrual cycle & including embodiment practices & cycle tracking in to your self-care routine.

Sammie Fleming 

Coach for women stepping into their full feminine power, with ease. 


The power of holding space for yourself, understanding what it is that your soul desires in order to master the art of self-care, & truly up-level

Freya Graf

Yoni Mapping Therapist & Sex Educator, with a passion for holistic health, well being & personal development.


Healing your trauma through yoni massage, the act of self-pleasure as an empowering self-care technique & the importance of self-love on your healing journey.

What our Students are telling us... 

Thrivalist Student 

"Thrivalist has been the catalyst and offered the support I needed to stop drinking. Taking the option of drinking off the table has been life changing. I know it's never again for me and just knowing that has stopped all the mental chatter/questions and thoughts about alcohol. 


I'm so excited for my continuing growth and opening myself up to all life has to offer. I couldn't be happier, or prouder, or more grateful.


I also feel so lucky to have connected with some amazing women through the course who I know I will keep in contact with."


Thrivalist Student 

"Thank you Lucy & Jen  for changing my life in the most positive way. 

Your course helped me look at my drinking habits in a way that felt supportive & informative without judgement.

I took comfort from the community & I really enjoyed hearing how the others were using your tools to curb their own cravings.

I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to live their life wondrously & without alcohol like me."


Thrivalist Student 

"I don't have words sufficient enough to express my gratitude for this Thrivalist course! 


Thrivalist came to me at the most perfect time and as a result of the factual basis, care & kindness that Lucy & Jen approach sober living, the choice to stop drinking has been so much more pleasure than pain. ​

I recommend Thrivalist to anyone who questions their drinking behaviour and choices in any way shape or form. 

Thank you so much Jen & Lucy - our sobriety queens! 



Thrivalist Student 

 "I learnt so many things from the Thrivalist course and Lucy and Jen. 

The structure of this amazing course gives you the tools and support to stop drinking and your personal “Why” you want to stop.

​I am now officially living the dream, my life gets better every day - who would have guessed??

Thanks Lucy and Jen, you are angels. Thank you for making me feel so at home, like I belonged, among my tribe. 


You have designed such an amazing course and you make so much difference to every life you touch."

A Journey of Self Discovery

Over the 8-week course, you will be taken on a journey of self-discovery, peeling back the layers one by one, so that you can build a beautiful and solid foundation to base your sobriety from. Your life will be changed for the better forever, whether that is by choosing sobriety, or by controlling your drinking.


Thrivalist is a sisterhood steeped in connection and support,  full of women who understand exactly where you are, no matter where you are on your journey. We are open to all woman who are ready to explore a deeper side of themselves, ready to make positive changes and who have been feeling like alcohol is just not working positively for them any more.

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