We see you sister.  You worked so goddamn hard to get where you are now. 


You quit alcohol, you freed yourself from the trap and now you are ready for more. Perhaps not quite ready to leave your sober community behind, with support, guidance and accountability still being pivotal to your growth right now. 


When we quit drinking, we begin to live as our authentic selves. No more numbing, no more masking. Sobriety allows us to tap into the deepest and purest parts of ourselves, to finally trust our inner knowing and intuition. It offers us the most incredible starting point to build any life we dream of. Quite literally, the only limitations are the ones we set in our minds. 


Thrivalist Collective is a series of six fortnightly intimate group coaching calls where we will continue to support and guide you with your sobriety, plus coaching you with setting and achieving the next life goals you have for yourself.


This is impactful real-life coaching to help you get to where you want to be. 


Lucy & Jen will provide intimate 1:1 coaching (in the group setting) where you will be joined by your fellow sober sisterhood, holding space for you to share, grow and be gently challenged. 

A 3-month intimate & impactful group coaching program, supporting sober women to collectively rise.


  • Be fully supported with maintaining sobriety, including actions to help you tackle any drinking occasions or environments 

  • Take a deep dive into your deepest dreams and desires - if you can free yourself from alcohol, the sky's the limit! 

  • Set coaching goals aligned with your new sober life and be guided through strategies and actions to achieve them 

  • Build and nurture beautiful connections with fellow sober sisters, because there is nothing more powerful than a supportive sober sisterhood 

  • Clear blocks and limiting beliefs that are standing in your way 

  • Learn how to have radical self-love

  • Be held gently accountable for your goals and actions 

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All calls are held at 11:00 am AEST via Zoom every second Monday. 

  • October 12 & 26

  • November 9 & 23

  • December 7 & 21


There are two payment options for Thrivalist Collective: 

Upfront  | $496

Monthly |  $170 (1st payment due at sign up, subsequent payments due 30 days after the last) 


Fill in the form to reserve your seat.


An email with all information including your invoice will be sent within 24 hours. 

We can't wait to get started! 


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