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Don’t worry; we’ve all been there.

Those long stressful work days that require a knock off drink (or 5). Those boozy girls lunches that end at 3am. Those long school holidays filled with social activities and too much over- indulgence! You’re constantly waking up feeling foggy and anxious, and before you know it, the ‘treat’ you so lovingly allowed yourself has morphed into a bad habit, leaving you more exhausted than ever and in need of a bit of time to reset.

But giving up alcohol doesn’t mean your life will be boring!

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  • You’ll have fun and learn so much about yourself and your relationship with alcohol.
  • You’ll experience huge mindset shifts in regards to alcohol & also other life topics through regular coaching by our Certified Life Coaches.

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Hi, I’m Lucy Quick, Thrivalist Founder.

I remember the drinking cycle so clearly. Waking up after a boozy night swearing it was time to take a break, then trying it on my own for a few days but ending up drinking again before I knew it. Our Sober Curious 28 Day Challenge is the perfect place to take a breath, break the habit and feel empowered by your drinking choices moving forward. The course contains strategies and tools to help you combat alcohol cravings, and feel more confident about what role (if any) alcohol will play in your life moving forward. And it’s fun!