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Don't worry; we've all been there.  Those busy, stressful days lead to winding down with a glass of wine, ordering UberEats, then polishing off the bottle. You hit the pillow without washing your make-up off, thinking, 'who cares, it's Friday!' you deserve a treat, right? You wake up feeling foggy and anxious, and before you know it, the 'treat' you so lovingly allowed yourself has morphed into a bad habit, leaving you more exhausted than ever and in need of a bit of time to reset.

Our Sober-curious Starter Course is the perfect place to take a breath, break the habit and feel empowered by your drinking choices moving forward. The course contains powerful, evidence-based strategies and tools to help you combat alcohol cravings, and feel more confident about what role (if any) alcohol will play in your life moving forward. 

Imagine, after a few weeks, having improved mental health, better sleep quality, and a clearer vision for your future! Plus a clear roadmap to get you to your alcohol (or alcohol free) goal.

What's Included 
  • Content that educates and de-conditions your subconscious, rewiring your neural pathways so you can effectively begin to change your relationship with alcohol and make informed and educated decision about what role (if any) alcohol will play in your life moving forward 
  • Beautifully comprehensible worksheets, exercises, craving tool cards, and more

  • In-depth video and audio lessons presented by either Jen or Lucy

  • ​Access to three Group Coaching calls per week 


A note about privacy: We respect your privacy, so we delete all call recordings after six days.  We don't mind if you sign up using an alias if that makes you feel more comfortable. Thrivalist will not share any information about you without first obtaining your permission (for example, a testimonial).

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Life's Too Wondrous to be Wasted

The Thrivalist community is a sisterhood steeped in connection and support. Our community is full of women who understand exactly where you are, no matter where you are on your journey.


We are open to all women prepared to explore a deeper side of themselves, ready to make positive changes, and those who feel like alcohol is not working positively for them anymore.


Thrivalist has identified the need to support moderate drinking problems with a gentle, supported and personable process. The content is relatable and skilfully offers comprehensive evidence-based information and techniques to empower women to make up their own minds about the usefulness of alcohol in their lives.

Dr. Kris Adnams

 Registered Clinical Psychologist 

What our Members are telling us... 

Thrivalist Member


"Thrivalist has been the catalyst and offered the support I needed to stop drinking. Taking the option of drinking off the table has been life changing. I know it's never again for me and just knowing that has stopped all the mental chatter/questions and thoughts about alcohol. 


I'm so excited for my continuing growth and opening myself up to all life has to offer. I couldn't be happier, or prouder, or more grateful.


I also feel so lucky to have connected with some amazing women through the course who I know I will keep in contact with."


Thrivalist Member


"Thank you Lucy & Jen  for changing my life in the most positive way. 

Your course helped me look at my drinking habits in a way that felt supportive & informative without judgement.

I took comfort from the community & I really enjoyed hearing how the others were using your tools to curb their own cravings.

I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to live their life wondrously & without alcohol like me."


Thrivalist Member

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"I don't have words sufficient enough to express my gratitude for this Thrivalist course! 


Thrivalist came to me at the most perfect time and as a result of the factual basis, care & kindness that Lucy & Jen approach sober living, the choice to stop drinking has been so much more pleasure than pain. ​

I recommend Thrivalist to anyone who questions their drinking behaviour and choices in any way shape or form. 

Thank you so much Jen & Lucy - our sobriety queens! "


Thrivalist Member


 "I learnt so many things from the Thrivalist course and Lucy and Jen. 

The structure of this amazing course gives you the tools and support to stop drinking and your personal “Why” you want to stop.

​I am now officially living the dream, my life gets better every day - who would have guessed??

Thanks Lucy and Jen, you are angels. Thank you for making me feel so at home, like I belonged, among my tribe. 


You have designed such an amazing course and you make so much difference to every life you touch."

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