About Thrivalist 

Thrivalist is based in Australia, supporting women all over the world. The business was born in 2019 when Jen and Lucy met while completing their Life Coach training. Both professional working mums, living life alcohol free and passionate about researching and deeply understanding the affects of alcohol, addiction and mental health, they felt there was a huge gap in the market for women to get the support they needed with their drinking, in an empowered and inspired way.


They loved helping other women who may have found themselves in the same situation as they had; using alcohol in the wrong way and unable to see for themselves the beauty in life on the other side, without alcohol. They both believed in the power of community so they joined forces and Thrivalist was born. 


They now dedicate their working lives to helping women from all over the world to build deep and loving connections with themselves, completely change their relationship with alcohol, and live wondrous, happy lives. 

Jen Clements 

As someone who used to wish the day away until wine-o-clock, and who struggled to stop once I started, I’ve been there. I was a high achiever and seemed to have everything in my life neatly under control, EXCEPT for my drinking. I couldn’t reconcile it. Why, when I had so much willpower and determination in other areas of my life, couldn’t I cut down my drinking?! Even though there were zero outward signs of a drinking problem, I became locked in a special kind of hell trying (and failing!) to moderate.


When AA and/or rehab felt too extreme, I couldn't find the support I was looking for. Where were the programs and courses for people like me? So, I brought all my legal research skills to the table and through A LOT of hard work, found the information, strategies, tools and techniques that I needed to free myself from alcohol and thrive in sobriety. 


As my life transformed, I was more than just a little excited. Sobriety didn’t feel like the life sentence others told me it was, it felt like my superpower. Believing there had to be other grey-area drinkers out there who could benefit from my experience, I started speaking up loudly about it, so they didn’t have to suffer silently as I had.


One thing led to another and I found myself coaching so many people through making the transition that I quit law to study life coaching and focus on working as a sobriety coach full time. I would never have guessed that this is where I’d end up, but I love my life and my work so much now that I wouldn’t change a single thing!


Lucy Quick

For my entire drinking career, I was the crazy uncontrollable party girl, who blacked out regularly and struggled with my off switch (OK, I never really had one). Alcohol was my Kryptonite, turning me from a nice, normal person, into a wild lunatic.

​I used wine to help me cope in stressful moments, to take the edge off after a crazy day at work, to numb me through bath and story time with my kids and to celebrate anything and everything. I had mastered the art of being perceived by the outside world as living a seemingly normal and content life, but within myself I knew that I was not showing up as the fullest, happiest and most successful version of myself, that I so deeply wanted and deserved for myself. ​

When I finally decided enough was enough and I realised that I would never be able to moderate, something more magical than I could ever imagine happened. I became a really happy person. I stopped feeling anxious. I learned to love and respect myself. I had always put so much of the blame for my anxious low vibes on everything else apart from my alcohol, and once I removed the alcohol, I realised it was the main thing holding me back all along.

I discovered a burning passion inside of me to help other women who had found themselves in a similar situation as the one I had ended up in, and I become a Life & Sobriety Coach, building a business around my sobriety so I can also help others on their own sober journeys. I am forever grateful for the way everything has unfolded for me.

Instagram: @_lucyquick