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The next day I woke up as the same person on a technical level; however, I was a new woman. A woman possessed. My mindset had shifted; I was energised, determined, dedicated, and clear. Day by day, I recreated the world around me. I built beautiful daily rituals, set and stuck to personal growth commitments, became obsessed with reading about and studying sobriety and self-development. I became my own self-care guru, taking daily actions to keep propelling me towards my goals.

I built a beautiful and deep connection with myself, and it is from this place of self-love and respect that I stayed sober. It’s from here that I became the mother and woman I was always meant to be. Sobriety made me a really happy person. I stopped feeling anxious for the first time in my entire life! I had always put so much blame for my anxious, low vibes on everything else apart from my alcohol intake. Once I removed the alcohol, I realised it was the main thing holding me back all along.

​I discovered a burning passion inside of me to help other women who had found themselves in a similar situation like the one I had ended up in, and I became a Certified Life Coach. During my training, I met Jen, and we decided to join forces to create Thrivalist. Being able to support and inspire other women on their own self-development journeys is a dream come true for me, and I am forever grateful for how everything has unfolded.

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