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Don’t worry; we’ve all been there.

Those long stressful work days that require a knock off drink (or 5). Those boozy girls lunches that end at 3am. Those long school holidays filled with social activities and too much over- indulgence! You’re constantly waking up feeling foggy and anxious, and before you know it, the ‘treat’ you so lovingly allowed yourself has morphed into a bad habit, leaving you more exhausted than ever and in need of a bit of time to reset.

Imagine, after a month, having improved mental health, better sleep quality, and a clearer vision for your future! Plus a clear roadmap to get you to your alcohol (or alcohol free) goal.

Your skin will be glowing, your eyes will be sparkling and you’ll feel healthier and lighter!

You’ll feel empowered & inspired to change your relationship with alcohol (goodbye hangxiety, shame & guilt!)

You’ll be supported by & connected to a sisterhood of women who know EXACTLY what you’re going through.

You’ll have fun and learn so much about yourself and your relationship with alcohol.

You’ll experience huge mindset shifts in regards to alcohol & also other life topics through regular coaching by our Certified Coaches.

What to Expect

You'll rewire your neural pathways & de-condition old subconscious beliefs meaning you wont even WANT to drink any more.

You'll rewire your neural pathways & de-condition old subconscious beliefs meaning you wont even WANT to drink any more.

Be supported by & connected to a a sisterhood of incredible, strong women who know EXACTLY what you're going through.

Experience huge mindset shifts in regards to alcohol and also other life topics through regular coaching by our Certified Life Coaches.

What’s Included?

Sober Curious 28 Day Challenge

Immediate Membership Access


$129 AUD

A one time payment that gives you access to the Sober Curious  Challenge plus all of the Thrivalist Membership inclusions for 31 days

Life’s Too Wondrous to be Wasted!

You have tried to taper back your drinking and even taken a month off here and there (see, ‘I don’t have a REAL problem’…), but very quickly, you revert to old ways, and sometimes even make up for the lost time.

The Signature Sobriety Course is a holistic, evidence-based sobriety course that actually works. It will help you understand that you don’t need alcohol to live a full and happy life. Over eight weeks, you will learn the most cutting-edge approaches to free yourself from alcohol, you’ll unravel many false subconscious beliefs about alcohol and build your own bespoke suite of self-care practices.

Sober Mentor    Clarity Call

We have current Thrivalist Members available to speak to you to answer any of your questions about Thrivalist or the Signature Sobriety course. 

Fill in the form to organise a call back.

    Thrivalist was a course that brought me back to my own authentic self. I didn’t even know I had been missing her! I am now more real, connected, energized and fun, and I laugh freely! The content is relevant, thought provoking and progressively laid out for great personal growth. I’m most thankful for this feeling of being FREE.

    Angela, USA

    Thrivalist Member

    Thrivalist is the most amazing community, with all different types of beautiful ladies struggling with alcohol use disorder and other health and wellbeing issues. Thrivalist saved my life and has been the best choice in my journey towards long-term sobriety. I found Lucy by accident and very quickly knew she was the one that could help me through my future sobriety. The Signature Sobriety Course is very detailed and structured extremely well to suit anyone.

    Lisa, Aus

    Thrivalist Member

    I was struggling with gaining control over alcohol. I tried to moderate numerous times but failed and Alcohol was no longer serving me. It was time to create better healthier habits and to be a better version of myself. I tried various groups but only half heartedly and while some of these groups were a great resource for many I just couldn't stick with them. Then early in the New Year of 2022 I came across Thrivalist.

    Marcia, Aus

    Thrivalist Member

    If you are curious about exploring life where alcohol plays either no part or a very minimal aspect or you want to 'kick it to the curb' then have a serious look at Thrivalist. It is the most supportive Aussie place for women who are thinking that their relationship with alcohol has become less fulfilling than they expect or have decided it is playing too much a role in their lives and that's not where they want to be.

    Debbie, Aus

    Thrivalist Member

    100 days sober and I am committed to FOREVER. Thanks Lucy! You made it possible for me to do this and be happy with my decision for doing this during the most stressful time of my life.

    Shelley, South Africa

    Thrivalist Member

    I knew I had a problem with my drinking, but didn’t know where to look for support. I didn’t consider myself to be an ‘alcoholic’, as such, so did not want to join AA. So Thrivalist was the perfect platform for me.

    Emma, AUS

    Thrivalist Member

    If you are struggling with your alcohol use and you need help, Thrivalist is exactly what you need! This community saved my family, I was so broken, scared, and filled with despair and self loathing. This course provided me with the support I needed to heal.

    Kelly, Aus

    Thrivalist Member

    I wanted to send a brief note to thank you for all the guidance and support through my Thrivalist journey, I cant promise it will be brief though, I have so much be thankful for. This course has changed my life!

    Zoe, AUS

    Thrivalist Member

    This course has changed my life forever. I absolutely loved Lucy’s gentle, holistic approach and would highly recommend this journey for anyone questioning their relationship with alcohol. I loved the weekly calls, connecting with people that were in the same boat.

    Corrie, AUS

    Thrivalist Member

    Thrivalist allowed me to slowly come to terms with my own problematic use of alcohol in my own time, it was a scary and challenging time to admit to myself that I had a problem, and the course was gentle on me.

    Amelia, AUS

    Thrivalist Member

    Thrivalist enabled me to be able to go on the sobriety journey in a safe place with other women who understand the journey. The space is not judgmental, accepting and encouraging and the group calls are encouraging and inspiring.

    Delwyn, NZ

    Thrivalist Member

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    Course Structure

    Here’s what we cover during the 28 day challenge

    Week 1 +

    Be armed with a toolkit to kick those week one cravings to the curb; support with how to discuss your break from booze with loved ones (& get them on board!) plus self-care strategies in early sobriety.

    Week 2 +

    Immerse yourself in the sober curious world, be guided through the steps to help you LOVE sober socialising plus tips for how to get high zero mind altering substances required!

    Week 3 +

    Understanding the risks associated with over-drinking & learn about what a parallel passion project is & how you can gain so much from life from having one.  

    Week 4 +

    How to turn FOMO into JOMO, choosing your future drinking goals (moderation V sobriety), & celebrating you! More yummy & fun mocktail recipes from The Mindful Mocktail.

    Guest Experts

    Learn from the best…

    Priya Lakhi

    Author, Coach & Certified Trainer in Hypnotherapy
    Ruby Warrington

    Ruby Warrington

    Sober Curious Author

    Tracy Neely

    Intuitive Healer & Certified Life Coach

    Joelene Park

    Grey-Area Drinking Coach

    Shanna Whan

    SITC Founder

    William Porter

    Alcohol Explained Author

    Holly Winter

    Women's Empowerment Coach

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    Have a question?

    I have just signed up - what now?

    First things first. It's time to celebrate yourself!! What a big, bold step you have taken. We are so sure you will not regret this.  As soon as you sign up you will receive a welcome email from us (please check your spam folder) which has information about important next steps. 

    Is there an official start date for my course?

    Yes. Our Sober October Sober Curious Challenge starts on 1 Oct. 

    How does payment work?

    If you signed up for the Signature Sobriety Course, you would have made a one-off payment of $579 AUD which includes two months of free membership. After 8 weeks, your first monthly payment of $79 AUD will automatically kick in. You can cancel your membership any time (see below).  

    If you signed up for the Sober Curious Challenge, you would have made a one of payment of $129 AUD which includes 1 month of free membership. after 1 month, your first monthly payment of $79 AUD will automatically kick in. You can cancel your membership any time (see below).  

    If you signed up for the membership only, you will pay $79 AUD per month until you decide to cancel. This doesn't include the Signature Sobriety Course or the Sober Curious Challenge, which you can purchase as an add-on inside the community.  

    How long do I have access to the content, community & group coaching calls for the course and membership?

    You have access to the entire Thrivalist Membership for 31 days. If you would like to stay on as a Member, you can pay your first monthly Membership fee 32 days after joining and you’ll have access to the online community and group coaching calls and all course content for as long as you are a Thrivalist Member. You can cancel anytime - see how below. 

    How do I cancel my membership?

    If after the Signature Sobriety Course or Sober Curious Challenge you decide you don't want to continue on with us any more that is totally OK! Please visit the Thrivalist website footer and click 'Manage Subscription' to cancel. Here is the direct link (you will need to use the login details you created).

    How and where is the course and membership presented and located?

    The course and membership plus all inclusions is located within the Mighty Networks platform. Once you sign up, you can download the free app from the app store, then access the course work and the private community there. You can also access Mighty Networks from an iPad or computer. Our group coaching calls are held via zoom so you don’t need to leave home to connect with the community.

    How do you manage my privacy?

    We know that opening up about your struggles with alcohol can be intimidating and that confidentiality is incredibly important. Please know that there is absolutely no judgment within the Thrivalist Community. We’ve been there, we get it, and we respect your privacy. Thrivalist will not share any information you share with us without obtaining your prior permission (for example, a testimonial).


    Thrivalist is a safe space for all members to share honestly, openly, and to go deep. As such, we ask that all members respect the privacy of all other members, meaning you don’t discuss their personal issues without their permission. We request that all members keep what is shared within the community across all channels 100% confidential. This includes ensuring that the Group Sharing & Coaching calls cannot be overheard by others in your household.


    The call recordings are stored in the Cloud for two months before being deleted. There is no public record of any member information.

    Do I have to be a female to sign up?

    Thrivalist so strongly believes in the healing power that is created when females come together in a sacred way, holding space, listening and supporting one another. In saying this, we support anyone who identifies as a female or simply respects and feels drawn to our feminine approach and the energy that is ignited when women come together.

    Do I have to join the group coaching calls?

    No, you don’t. Nothing within Thrivalist is mandatory. However, we highly recommend that you attend the group calls, even if you do so passively with your camera switched off, as they are a very effective and important part of this process. We find that most members who are hesitant about joining the calls, normally feel comfortable very quickly and absolutely love them.

    Is Thrivalist a Medical Practitioner & can I claim using my private health insurance?

    No and no. Georgie is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach which doesn't fall into the category of Medical Practitioners. You are currently unable to claim the cost of Thrivalist on your private health insurance.

    Can I join Thrivalist anonymously with an alias name?

    Yes, you absolutely can. Please just let us know when you sign up that you are using an alias, so that we can cross reference your alias with your payment which will include your real name. Your alias can be used in the online community as well as the group calls, just remember to change your Zoom name to the alias!

    What does ‘evidence-based’ mean in relation to the Thrivalist content?

    ‘Evidence-based’ is a widely used adjective referring to any concept or strategy that is derived from or informed by objective evidence - most commonly, educational research. 


    Much of the Thrivalist content is evidence-based because we have drawn on the outcomes of many scientific research studies proving the efficacy of certain tools and techniques that assist people in making and sustaining changes to their alcohol-use related behaviour.

    Do you have a refund policy?

    Please read information about refunds here.

    Can I complete one of your courses if I am still drinking?

    Yes you can. All we ask is that you come in with an open-mind and that you don’t drink before doing any of the work in the course (like watching the videos, reading the workbooks, doing the exercises, or attending the group coaching calls).

    Can I attend group calls during or after consuming alcohol?

    No. This is super important as it can be triggering for other members to share a space (even virtually) with someone who is or has been drinking. Please don't drink alcohol before or during any group call.

    What days & times are the calls held and where?

    All group coaching calls are held via zoom. They are run every Sunday at 4pm, and every 2nd Wednesday at 7pm. We also run an 'Elevate' call fortnightly on a Saturday at 11am which is for members who have been sober for 6 months OR have been in the Thrivalist community for this time. All call recordings are stored in Mighty Networks for eight weeks. There are several other community calls per month including expert interviews, wellness workshops, member spotlight Interviews and more.

    How do I get sober without Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)?

    Whilst AA works for many people, for others it doesn't. Some Thrivalist Members have shared that AA doesn't align with their values or don't feel comfortable labeling themselves an alcoholic who would never be cured of the disease. Thrivalist is an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) for women who are ready to get sober in an empowered and inspired way. Thrivalist involves the perfect combination of education, courses, coaching, group support, community, and connection with other members, mentors and coaches who all have lived experience of overcoming an alcohol use disorder. 

    Do I have to be on social media to participate?

    Absolutely not! We run everything through our Private Mighty Networks Thrivalist Membership.