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Thrivalist is the most supportive and empowering online community for sober-curious women.


Using proven, cutting-edge approaches, our programs inspire and empower women worldwide to find freedom from alcohol, step into their incredible power, and reignite their lives. 

There's a path to conscious drinking or sobriety you haven't explored. In our supportive community, you will change subconscious beliefs around alcohol, learn all of the tools you need to not rely on it,  and build a bespoke suite of radical self-care practices that will leave you THRIVING.     

Life's too wonderous to be wasted, so choose your own life-changing adventure today!


“After 100 days alcohol-free, I'm more patient, and my anxiety has subsided; I'm sleeping deeply for the first time in ages too. I'm way more present with my kids and the mornings are fun now, rather than the drag they always were!

I feel so proud of myself for taking this journey with Thrivalist. The best thing is that I no longer think about alcohol all the time, and my husband and I are more connected than ever.”

Shelly - Thrivalist Member 

Choose Your Own Adventure


Choose Your Own Sober Adventure



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For the sober-curious, the Basic Membership  gives you access to our thriving sober-curious community, packed with tools,  masterclasses, and helpful content to get you started on your journey, plus a calendar of events and even a bookclub!

$79 AUD pm


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Choose this for life-changing courses and exceptional group support.

 In addition to all of the Basic Membership inclusions, our Invested Membership includes access to 15 group coaching calls per month PLUS  full access to our three renowned courses, the 21-Day Starter Course, 8 Week Sobriety Course and The Conscious Drinker Course, so no matter what your alcohol goals are, we have you covered. 

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$299 AUD pm


Choose this to accelerate your results by adding weekly personalised support.


Turbo-charge your progress with the addition of private coaching. In addition to all of the features of the Invested Membership, the All-In Membership gives you one X 20 minute 1:1 coaching session with one of our certified coaches every week, plus unlimited email and direct message coaching support. This is life-changing. 

Hey! We get it...


You're tired of trying and failing to take control of your drinking, and you feel trapped in a vicious cycle. Thinking about alcohol is taking up way too much of your headspace and chipping away at your self-esteem. 

You make promises to yourself, swearing today will be different, only to find yourself persuaded by the 'Wine Witch' that as soon as the clock strikes five, a glass of wine is what you need!

You start beating yourself up as the guilt sets in, and any positive changes you've made go out the window. But you can't seem to break that habit, and you feel so stuck. 

We get it because we've been there. We know there comes a time when alcohol stops serving us well. It stops adding enjoyment to life, and it starts taking it away…

If this is you, please know you're not alone. Nearly a quarter of female drinkers struggle with excessive drinking. So there are thousands upon thousands of women out there, just like you, who hear that quiet (but wise!) voice inside, saying, 'I deserve better, and it's time to change my relationship with alcohol.'

Because Life's too Wondrous to be Wasted!

Thrivalist has identified the need to support moderate drinking problems with a gentle, supported and personable process. The program content is relatable and skilfully offers comprehensive evidence-based information and techniques to empower women to make up their own minds about the usefulness of alcohol in their lives.

Dr. Kris Adnams

 Registered Clinical Psychologist 

What our Members are telling us... 


Thrivalist Member 

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"The course work is absolutely the best combination of factual /scientific, goal setting and personal growth wrapped up in a warm supportive hug.


Lucy and Jen are always there to support their students throughout the journey. The Facebook group is a lovely non judgmental group of likeminded women who are experiencing similar problems.  And I found myself really looking forward to the group zoom calls each week. I’d always leave feeling so uplifted and inspired."


Thrivalist Member 

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"Thrivalist was a course that brought me back to my own authentic self. I didn’t even know I had been missing her!  I am now more real, connected, energized and fun, and I laugh freely!


The content is relevant, thought provoking and progressively laid out for great personal growth. I’m most thankful for this feeling of being FREE. 


Thank you Jen and Lucy- it’s not easy doing something that goes against the grain, but you’re doing it with flair and inspiring others along the way."


Thrivalist Member 

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"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Lucy and Jen.

Nine months ago I was in a very dark, lonely place and honestly could not see any way out. I was completely broken and desperately needed help but was too scared to share just how bad my drinking had become with those around me. Then I found Thrivalist.

You have saved my life and given my children the mum they deserve.


I will be eternally grateful for everything you have done for me."


Thrivalist Member 


 "I learnt so many things from the Thrivalist course and Lucy and Jen. 

The structure of this amazing course gives you the tools and support to stop drinking and your personal “Why” you want to stop.

​I am now officially living the dream, my life gets better every day - who would have guessed??

Thanks Lucy and Jen, you are angels. Thank you for making me feel so at home, like I belonged, among my tribe. 


You have designed such an amazing course and you make so much difference to every life you touch."

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