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Recreating lives so women & future generations can thrive.

With members worldwide and headquartered in Melbourne, Thrivalist is an Australian business empowering sober-curious women* of all backgrounds. Founder Lucy Quick, a certified life coach, met Jen Clements in 2019, bonding over their passion for sobriety. United in their mission to help women embrace sobriety, they launched Thrivalist and created the Signature Sobriety Course. In 2022, Lucy became the sole owner.

She envisioned a safe space for women to change their relationship with alcohol and heal their lives. Now, Lucy dedicates her days to helping women worldwide form self-connections, transform their alcohol habits, and live joyful lives.

The Thrivalist Signature Sobriety Course offers cutting-edge approaches to shift subconscious beliefs about alcohol. You’ll gain tools to overcome the desire to drink and uplevel your life. 

*Thrivalist welcomes women and those who resonate with their feminine approach.

The next day I woke up as the same person on a technical level; however, I was a new woman. A woman possessed. My mindset had shifted; I was energised, determined, dedicated, and clear. Day by day, I recreated the world around me. I built beautiful daily rituals, set and stuck to personal growth commitments, became obsessed with reading about and studying sobriety and self-development. I became my own self-care guru, taking daily actions to keep propelling me towards my goals.

I built a beautiful and deep connection with myself, and it is from this place of self-love and respect that I stayed sober. It’s from here that I became the mother and woman I was always meant to be. Sobriety made me a really happy person. I stopped feeling anxious for the first time in my entire life! I had always put so much blame for my anxious, low vibes on everything else apart from my alcohol intake. Once I removed the alcohol, I realised it was the main thing holding me back all along.

​I discovered a burning passion inside of me to help other women who had found themselves in a similar situation like the one I had ended up in, and I became a Certified Life Coach. During my training, I met Jen, and we decided to join forces to create Thrivalist. Being able to support and inspire other women on their own self-development journeys is a dream come true for me, and I am forever grateful for how everything has unfolded.

Lucy Quick

Thrivalist Founder & CEO


I should never have been a drinker. I never realised that with every drink, I was driving myself further away from happiness and from being able to live the life I truly wanted and deserved.

By the time I reached my version of rock-bottom in late 2018, I knew for sure that I couldn’t moderate my drinking, and I just had to stop. And so, on January 31st, 2018, my life as I had known it was over. Enough was enough. I was so over the person alcohol made me. I took my last mouthful of alcohol, ever. I started a journal and said a prayer to whoever up there was willing to listen. I asked for help, for direction, and for whatever I needed to sort my life out once and for all. Something shifted, and just like that, a tiny spark in my belly had been lit.

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