Frequently asked questions

Can I complete the course if I am still drinking?

YES – of course you can! We know how hard it is to quit drinking without the right support. And we know how scary quitting “forever” can sound. So, you don’t need to commit to quitting before you start the course. You don’t even need to commit to “forever” once you do feel inspired to quit. All we ask is that you come into the course with an open-mind and that you don’t drink before doing any of the work in the course (like watching the videos, reading the workbooks, doing the exercises etc.). The point of Thrivalist is to get you to a point where you WANT to quit. Where you genuinely don’t see the point in drinking anymore. It’s at this point that you’ll find yourself eager to quit and you’ll be able to quit with ease.

Things to look forward to during and after the course

* Building a deep and trusting connection with yourself * Liking yourself more – healthy self-esteem and self-respect
* Improved relationships with those that matter most
* Great sleep – We're talking the deep, velvety, restorative kind
* Increased energy
* Massively reduced anxiety
* A happy disposition
* Spontaneous feelings of joy – Seriously!
* More gratitude
* The joy of a hangover free life… your productivity will go through the roof and motivation for things like exercise and healthy eating is SO much easier
* Feeling like anything is possible in your life – I mean, if you can free yourself from alcohol and reignite your life – what else can you do?!

How does the Thrivalist course work?

The course is divided into two parts: the first teaches you how to quit drinking with ease and the second teaches you how to consciously create a life you love so much you won’t want to escape from it.

The aim of the course is to remove your desire to drink – no deprivation, FOMO or reliance on willpower. We only desire something if we believe it benefits us, so you’ll be methodically shown how there genuinely is NO benefit to drinking alcohol, ever. Once you understand that there’s no benefit, you don’t want it anymore.

* You’ll learn the truth about alcohol and addiction based on the latest scientific research. Knowledge is power and with this knowledge you’ll be empowered to commit to sobriety and put those fantasies of drinking moderately to bed for good.

* You’ll learn powerful and effective tools, techniques and strategies to move through cravings with ease if and when they arise.

* You’ll learn how to socialise sober and how to handle drink pushers.

* You’ll learn how to support yourself holistically in sobriety and how to change your identity to that of a happy non-drinker through the implementation of small healthy habits that build overtime, leading to lasting results.

* You’ll learn how to turn sobriety into a lifelong path of personal development.

* You’ll be taught how to create your best life through the practical application of powerful personal development exercises.

* You’ll be shown how to identify what’s really important to you, how to find your life purpose, how to create and achieve your bucket list, how to create your life vision and how to set and achieve goals that support that vision.

* Finally, you’ll learn about the importance of rewarding & celebrating yourself, community, connection, service and living along spiritual lines. All important aspects of living your best life!

What is the format of the course?

* It’s an 8-week course, consisting of 8 Modules – 1 released per week

* You will received beautoiful hardcopy materials in the mail (manual, handbook & Journal) and the course is conducted online through Thinkific, Zoom and also a Facebook community

* Each module includes multiple video tutorials, workbooks, practical exercises and resources

* Ask questions anytime and they’ll be answered within 24 hours Monday – Friday

* 9 live 1 hr group coaching and regular accountability and check in emails

* A supportive community managed by Lucy & Jen of other grey-area drinkers who get it and get you

Do I have to be a female to sign up?

Jen and Lucy created Thrivalist because they couldn't find any other comprehensive female centric course currently on offer and they both so strongly believe in the healing power of the energy that is created when females come together in a sacred way, holding space, listening and supporting one another. In saying this, we support anyone who ID's as a female, is gay or simply respects and feels drawn to our feminine approach and the energy that is ignited when woman come together.

Is the course confidential & how is my privacy maintained?

We know that opening up about your struggles with alcohol can be intimidating. Please know that there is absolutely no judgement within the Thrivalist Community. We’ve been there, we get it and we respect your privacy. Thrivalist will not share any information you share with us without obtaining your prior permission (for example, a testimonial). If you choose to use an alias name you absolutly can. This course is a safe space for all members to share honestly, openly and to go deep. As such, we ask that all students respect the privacy of all other members, meaning you don’t discuss their personal issues without their permission. We request that all students keep what is shared within the community across all channels 100% confidential. The weekly call recordings are stored in the cloud for one week before being deleted. There is no public record of any student information.