Frequently asked questions

How do we manage Thrivalist members’ privacy?

We know that opening up about your struggles with alcohol can be intimidating. Please know that there is absolutely no judgement within the Thrivalist Community. We’ve been there, we get it and we respect your privacy. Thrivalist will not share any information you share with us without obtaining your prior permission (for example, a testimonial). Thrivalist is a safe space for all members to share honestly, openly, and to go deep. As such, we ask that all members respect the privacy of all other members, meaning you don’t discuss their personal issues without their permission. We request that all students keep what is shared within the community across all channels 100% confidential. This includes ensuring that the Group Sharing & Coaching calls cannot be overheard by others in your household. The call recordings are stored in the cloud for one week before being deleted. There is no public record of any student information.

Can I join Thrivalist anonymously with an alias name?

Yes, you absolutely can. Please just let us know when you sign up that you are using an alias, so that we can cross reference with the payment made which will need to include your real name. Your alias can be used in the online community as well as the calls, just remember to change your Zoom name to the alias!

Do I have to join the group coaching calls?

No, you don’t. Nothing within Thrivalist is mandatory. However, we highly recommend that you attend the group calls, even if you do so passively with your camera switched off, as they are a very effective and important part of this process. We find that most students who are hesitant about joining the calls, normally feel comfortable very quickly and absolutely love them.

Is Thrivalist a Medical Practitioner & can you claim using your private health insurance?

Lucy Quick is a Certified Life Coach and Jen Clements is a Certified Grey-area Drinking Coach. These certifications don’t fall into the category of Medical Practitioners. You are currently unable to claim the cost of the membership on your private health insurance.

Do I have to be a female to sign up?

Jen and Lucy created Thrivalist because they couldn't find any other comprehensive female centric course on offer and they both so strongly believe in the healing power that is created when females come together in a sacred way, holding space, listening and supporting one another. In saying this, we support anyone who identifies as a female or simply respects and feels drawn to our feminine approach and the energy that is ignited when women come together.

What does ‘evidence-based’ mean in relation to the Thrivalist program content?

‘Evidence-based’ is a widely used adjective referring to any concept or strategy that is derived from or informed by objective evidence - most commonly, educational research. Much of the Thrivalist content is evidence-based because we have drawn on the outcomes of many scientific research studies proving the efficacy of certain tools and techniques that assist people in making and sustaining changes to their alcohol-use related behaviour.

Do you have a refund policy?

Please read information about refunds here.

How are the courses presented?

The courses are all presented online within the Mighty Networks platform. Once you sign up, you can download the free app from the app store, then access the course work and the private community there. You can also access Mighty Networks from an iPad or computer. For Invested and All-In members, there are 15 group calls each month that are held via zoom so you don’t need to leave home to connect in with the community.

Can I complete one of your courses if I am still drinking?

YES – of course you can! All we ask is that you come in with an open-mind and that you don’t drink before doing any of the work in the course (like watching the videos, reading the workbooks, doing the exercises, or attending the group coaching calls).

Can I attend group calls during or after consuming alcohol?

No. This is super important as it can be triggering for other members to share a space (even virtually) with someone who is or has been drinking. Please don't drink alcohol before or during any group call.

How long do I have access to the content, community & group coaching calls for the courses?

You have access to the online community and group coaching calls and all course content for as long as you are a Thrivalist Member.

Things to look forward to during and after joining Thrivalist

* Building a deep and trusting connection with yourself * Being surrounded by a loving, supportive community of like-minded women (life-time sisters are made here!) * Learning how to change your relationship with alcohol long-term * Liking yourself more – healthy self-esteem and self-respect * Improved relationships with those that matter most * Great sleep – We're talking the deep, velvety, restorative kind * Increased energy * Massively reduced anxiety * A happy disposition * Spontaneous feelings of joy – Seriously! * More gratitude * The joy of a hangover free life… your productivity will go through the roof and motivation for things like exercise and healthy eating is SO much easier * Feeling like anything is possible in your life – I mean, if you can free yourself from alcohol and reignite your life – what else can you do?!