Walk on the Beach

Shelley, South Africa

100 days sober and I am committed to FOREVER.

Thanks Jen and Lucy. You both made it possible for me to do this and be happy with my decision for doing this during the most stressful time of my life. I still can’t believe it as it could of been the total opposite. For some reason the stars were aligned and this course came into my life at the exact right moment I needed it.

  • Biggest changes I have noticed in 100 days is:

  • Such good sleep (did take a while but it’s here)

  • So much more patience

  • Less anxiety (and I had tonnes)

  • I have become more kind and grateful and don’t fret about the small stuff

  • So much less anger

  • So much more connected with my kids and the mornings are so much easier as I am not tired and feel like shit

  • So proud of myself

  • Huge improvement in mood

  • Much better relationship with my husband

  • Gained so my trust in myself

  • The best - is not thinking about all the time

So much love Jen and Lucy x