Courtney, AUS

Since the first day of this course I have not touched a drop of alcohol and currently don’t feel the urge to. SO. AMAZING. Never thought I would say that, but here we are!


I know it sounds melodramatic, but I genuinely feel like this course has saved my life. My body was screaming it wasn’t coping with my choices, and my spirit felt broken in a cycle of breaking my word to myself. I was super scared about the road I was journeying down, and everywhere I tried to seek help didn’t have the information that resonated to lift me out of the destructive cycle I was in. 

Conceptually I knew exactly what was going on : why I wanted to soothe/numb, why I chose alcohol, and specifically when I would want it. While I got some solid theory psycho-education from a therapist I was seeing, there was no cut-through to practical execution strategies for stopping. I found lots of books were the same - causal explanations and theories but not a lot of “now you know why, do THIS”. 

I was so, so desperate and had a moment of prayer to the universe to send me help. Then a google search came up with Thrivalist 2 days before the 29 July course was about to start. 

The "difference that made a difference" for me was the relief of someone saying “I’m going to put myself out there and tell you exactly what you need to do in what order. I’ve got you. These things work. Pick the style that suits you best.” No introspection about what my mother said to me when I was 5, just practical actions to focus on!!!  And more important no shame, judgement or labels around “admitting I’m an alcoholic’ (that never resonated with me). 

Also the order of the modules has been eerily perfect!


By far the biggest win is realising that if I can learn to control the urge for alcohol then what else can I control - and more importantly create! - by exercising this new skill for myself? Manage the urge to avoid exercise? Manage the urge for non-nutritious food? So. much. potential. 

Now I genuinely feel free. It seems like a lifetime ago and a different person that started this course with you, and it’s only been 4 weeks. Today I’m absolutely a more present and connected mother, partner, business owner and human being. The respect in my 16yo daughter’s eyes when I tell her I’ve done yet another week without alcohol is the biggest reward. 


This course has been life-changing, freeing, worth double the price! Thank you so much for the vulnerability, insight and practical strategies you’ve packed into this amazing course. 

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