Prue, AUS

I've lost count of how many times I've said, "I'm never drinking again." I would give up for a few months, then think I had it sorted and start drinking again and suddenly after a couple of drinks was back to a bottle a night. I couldn't quite remember when drinking stopped being fun and I started using wine as a cure all, but my love hate relationship with booze had turned into full blown hating myself. I tried giving up in groups, on my own, with friends and nothing stuck. Until I found Thrivalist. Their way is revolutionary. Jen and Lucy somehow manage to weave understanding, compassion and hope into a program that is filled with evidence based solutions, holistic healing and actionable solutions that truly work. In eight short weeks, my entire perspective has changed, I feel liberated and filled with possibility for the first time in a decade. Thank you for giving me back myself.

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