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Emma, AUS

I knew I had a problem with my drinking, but didn't know where to look for support. I didn't consider myself to be an 'alcoholic', as such, so did not want to join AA. After my Mum died suddenly last year, related to alcohol dependency, I needed to seek help. My sister recommended we join Thrivalist together, & I will be forever grateful to her for her honesty in telling me she was concerned about me.


When I joined Thrivalist, something just clicked & I am now 12 weeks sober. Instead of being 1.5 bottles of wine in on a school night, I am busy at the gym, pilates, yoga, roller skating, or learning to pole dance!! Learning to love & nurture myself again was so important, the Thrivalist team were so important in encouraging this new found self love.

I loved the support & fellowship from the women in the group. Lucy & Jen were so kind, caring & wonderful to us all.

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