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We get it! You’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired from drinking. It might feel like you’re the only one feeling this way, but we promise you are SO not alone. In fact, close to 10% of Australian women have experienced their own battle with booze, and there are thousands of women, just like you, who’ve started hearing that quiet (but wise!) voice inside of them, saying: It really is time to take a proper break from drinking. Or maybe even quit completely.

We know it’s scary to think about what life will be like without alcohol, and knowing how to get started can be so challenging. In this guide we share 10 incredible hacks to free yourself from the over-drinking trap today! And these are all things you can get started on, right now.

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    Shelley, Thrivalist Member

    South Africa

    ‘After 100 days alcohol-free, I’m more patient, and my anxiety has subsided; I’m sleeping deeply for the first time in ages too. I’m way more present with my kids and the mornings are fun now, rather than the drag they always were!

    I feel so proud of myself for taking this journey with Thrivalist. The best thing is that I no longer think about alcohol all the time, and my husband and I are more connected than ever.’

    What our Members are Telling us

    100 days sober and I am committed to FOREVER. Thanks Jen and Lucy. You both made it possible for me to do this and be happy with my decision for doing this during the most stressful time of my life. I still can’t believe it as it could of been…

    Shelley, South Africa

    Thrivalist Member

    I knew I had a problem with my drinking, but didn’t know where to look for support. I didn’t consider myself to be an ‘alcoholic’, as such, so did not want to join AA. After my Mum died suddenly last year, related to alcohol dependency, I needed to seek help.…

    Emma, AUS

    Thrivalist Member

    If you are struggling with your alcohol use and you need help, Thrivalist is exactly what you need!!!… These girls saved my family, I was so broken, scared, and filled with despair and self loathing. I didn’t know where to turn for help. This course provided me with the support…

    Kelly, Aus

    Thrivalist Member

    I wanted to send a brief note to thank you for all the guidance and support through my Thrivalist journey, I cant promise it will be brief though, I have so much be thankful for. I always questioned my drinking and it came to a point when alcohol was simply…

    Zoe, AUS

    Thrivalist Member

    This course has changed my life forever. I absolutely loved Lucy & Jen’s gentle, holistic approach and would highly recommend this journey for anyone questioning their relationship with alcohol. I loved the weekly calls, connecting with people that were in the same boat and doing so in the comfort of…

    Corrie, AUS

    Thrivalist Member

    Thrivalist allowed me to slowly come to terms with my own problematic use of alcohol in my own time, it was a scary and challenging time to admit to myself that I had a problem, and the course was gentle on me. Changing my life seemed so daunting at the…

    Amelia, AUS

    Thrivalist Member

    Thrivalist enabled me to be able to go on the sobriety journey in a safe place with other women who understand the journey. The space is not judgmental, accepting and encouraging and the group calls are encouraging and inspiring.

    Delwyn, NZ

    Thrivalist Member

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    From a young age, we are been bombarded with messa
    From a young age, we are been bombarded with messages telling us that alcohol is the elixir of life. Most of us have grown up in cultures that celebrate drinking to excess. The alcohol industry—’big alcohol’—has a vested interest in keeping us confused about the dangers and harms of alcohol consumption. But the fact is that alcohol is a highly addictive drug (yes, it’s a drug!), and according to leading scientists, it is the most dangerous drug there is, more dangerous than cocaine and even heroin. 
Yet, many of us have never been appropriately educated about how to avoid slipping into negative drinking habits. We're just expected to handle regular drinking, and if we start struggling with it, we are labelled the problem, not the alcohol. At Thrivalist, we don't believe you have a disease or defect of character if you're struggling to control your drinking. We believe you've unintentionally trained your brain to crave alcohol in response to certain situations, triggers, and emotions. Much like Pavlov’s dogs were trained to expect food when the bell rang; you've trained your brain to expect alcohol in response to the many ‘bells’ in your life. And because you haven't learned the tools to respond to cravings differently, you either end up giving in to them or white-knuckling through, which makes cutting down or going alcohol-free really hard. ✨
We have a powerful guide to help you get started with this today. Download it via the link in our bio.
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    Your brain is an incredible machine that relies on
    Your brain is an incredible machine that relies on habits to conserve energy. When you drink alcohol repeatedly in response to specific triggers and emotions, the more evolved higher brain notices the pattern and delegates this behaviour down to the lower brain as a habit. Once you've unintentionally programmed drinking habits into your lower brain, your lower brain takes charge, and your drinking behaviour happens on autopilot.
The great news is that with the proper education, tools, resources, and support, you can bring conscious awareness to your drinking habits and learn to change your relationship with alcohol. 🙏
Our '10 hacks to Free Yourself from the Overdrinking Trap' is a powerful resource to help support you with this process. You can download it via the link in our bio.
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    I am a wife, mum, daughter, sister, and friend. I
    I am a wife, mum, daughter, sister, and friend. I have been on this roller-coaster of a thing called life for over 40 years now.  I had the most beautiful, safe, upbringing in a small country town. 
Although my dad passed away suddenly when I was 4, my mum gave us everything she could in the way of love and care. I always felt lucky for the life I had. I am a lover of fashion, fitness, health, wellbeing, and hot chips…… a lot of hot chips! My name is Georgina, and this is my story. My raw, honest, and unfortunately very common story. ✨
Read Georgina's beautiful story via the link on our bio!
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    Our first ever guest blog is written by our gorgeo
    Our first ever guest blog is written by our gorgeous Thrivalist Member Georgina @styledbygeorgie_i & can be read via the link in our bio! 
Georgie bravely shares her journey to overcoming her drinking problem, & finding so much joy & freedom in her sober life. 
She is also now an official Thrivalist Sober Mentor, providing guidance & inspiration to our Members. We are so lucky to have her! 
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    Taking a break and giving yourself daily rest time
    Taking a break and giving yourself daily rest time is great stress preventative. Rest is a really important part of self-care that so many mums feel too guilty to give themselves. Rest enables you to charge your batteries so you can more intentionally and effectively work towards achieving your goals. It prevents burnout and if built into your every day, you will notice the impact it has on your general wellbeing. ⁠
Try to set a regular rest time every day where you sit or lie down for a set period of time (at least 5 mins however the longer the better) and do absolutely nothing. No screens, books or even thinking. Just resting your body and mind.⁠
You will be blown away by how this simple self-care tool will enable you to have more energy for your kids. 💕⁠
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