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The Conscious Drinker Course

Learn to drink in a way that serves you

You’re not an alcoholic; you’ve just unintentionally slipped into a habit of over-drinking. You’re not interested in abstinence, recovery or sobriety, but you do want to drink less. You want to drink in a way that adds to your life rather than a way that detracts from it.

The Conscious Drinker Course teaches you how not to need alcohol. Through the process of unlearning the habit and systematically replenishing your nervous system, body, and brain, you’ll unwind your desire for alcohol and become a woman who can take a drink or leave it.

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One month later, your monthly membership fee of AUD $79 kicks in and continues monthly until cancellation. You’re free to cancel anytime and without any notice period - no lock ins!

If you’re unsure whether this course is right for you, please feel free to contact us or speak to your GP.

100 days sober and I am committed to FOREVER. Thanks Jen and Lucy. You both made it possible for me to do this and be happy with my decision for doing this during the most stressful time of my life. I still can’t believe it as it could of been…

Shelley, South Africa

Thrivalist Member

I knew I had a problem with my drinking, but didn’t know where to look for support. I didn’t consider myself to be an ‘alcoholic’, as such, so did not want to join AA. After my Mum died suddenly last year, related to alcohol dependency, I needed to seek help.…

Emma, AUS

Thrivalist Member

If you are struggling with your alcohol use and you need help, Thrivalist is exactly what you need!!!… These girls saved my family, I was so broken, scared, and filled with despair and self loathing. I didn’t know where to turn for help. This course provided me with the support…

Kelly, Aus

Thrivalist Member

I wanted to send a brief note to thank you for all the guidance and support through my Thrivalist journey, I cant promise it will be brief though, I have so much be thankful for. I always questioned my drinking and it came to a point when alcohol was simply…

Zoe, AUS

Thrivalist Member

This course has changed my life forever. I absolutely loved Lucy & Jen’s gentle, holistic approach and would highly recommend this journey for anyone questioning their relationship with alcohol. I loved the weekly calls, connecting with people that were in the same boat and doing so in the comfort of…

Corrie, AUS

Thrivalist Member

Thrivalist allowed me to slowly come to terms with my own problematic use of alcohol in my own time, it was a scary and challenging time to admit to myself that I had a problem, and the course was gentle on me. Changing my life seemed so daunting at the…

Amelia, AUS

Thrivalist Member

Thrivalist enabled me to be able to go on the sobriety journey in a safe place with other women who understand the journey. The space is not judgmental, accepting and encouraging and the group calls are encouraging and inspiring.

Delwyn, NZ

Thrivalist Member

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