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8 benefits of sobriety you may not be aware of

I am obviously an advocate for living an alcohol-free life as sobriety led me down a path in life that as a drinker, I never thought was possible. The first step to becoming who I am today, was deciding to take a break from drinking, and then all of the benefits started flooding in.

At Thrivalist we talk about the push and pull factors of sobriety. The push factors are all of the negative reasons for why we no longer want to drink alcohol any more. The pull factors are the positive benefits of sobriety that we can draw on to want to stay sober longer term. 

Sobriety literally supercharges your life. Most importantly it gave me the space to work on my issues properly, for the first time in my life. 

Could I drink again? Maybe (that’s a VERY unsure maybe) but taking that drink would be like playing russian roulette with the most beautiful life. I would simply never take that risk. I risk losing all of the magic that sobriety has given me, like self-love, a deep connection to my intuition, more energy, passion and purpose and of course deep restorative sleep. 

There are many more other obvious benefits to removing alcohol from your life such as improved mental health, mental clarity, weight loss, improved relationships, feeling happy and more present and a much better quality of life overall however in this blog I want to share with you 8 less obvious benefits of choosing an alcohol-free life to hopefully motivate you with this decision to take a break from your drinking. 

1. Socialising is actually more fun alcohol-free 

I know what you’re thinking (BULL$HIT!). But I promise you that when you take away alcohol, your social life is going to improve. You’re going to build genuine connections with people who you truly want to be around. You’ll no longer drink to get through the events that you don’t want to be at – you’ll just start saying no! You’ll be able to remember everything, with no shame or regret the next day. Your energy will have a higher vibe so you’ll feel better and will be a more enjoyable person to be around. Your social life might look different when you stop drinking, but in a good way!

2. You get to rediscover what you really love in life

Sobriety provides an opportunity to rediscover what we authentically love to do in life and develop new hobbies and interests. It’s like a clean slate for you to figure out what gives you real joy that’s not about numbing out or getting messy.  When you’re no longer consumed by the artificial highs and the shameful lows you can start to explore activities that bring you joy and fulfillment, allowing you to cultivate new passions and talents.

3. You’ll have more financial stability

Alcohol addiction can take a significant toll on your finances. Sobriety brings the advantage of better financial stability, as you no longer drain your resources on substances or their associated expenses such as takeaways and Ubers!. By redirecting those funds towards more constructive endeavors, such as education, travel, or personal development, you can build a more secure future. We have a great calculator here to work out how much you’ll save in sobriety. 

4. Your sex life will improve 

I know it might not feel like it initially, however sobriety gives you an opportunity to actually work out how you really enjoy sex, without the numbing effects of alcohol. Yes it may start of feeling more awkward than after a few drinks, however with time and practice it becomes a much more enjoyable experience.

5. You’ll positively influence others

Sobriety has a ripple effect, positively influencing those around you. By embracing a sober lifestyle, you become a source of inspiration and support for others struggling with their own drinking. Your transformation can motivate and empower others to seek help and embark on their own sober-curious journey 

6. Better Digestive Health

Alcohol abuse can take a toll on the digestive system, leading to issues such as gastritis, ulcers, IBS and liver damage. With sobriety, your digestive system can heal, leading to improved digestion, better nutrient absorption, and overall gastrointestinal health. 

7. Time will expand & you’ll be able to master mindfulness

A little-known benefit of sobriety is the expansion of time and the ability to be fully present. Drinking consumes and wastes literally hours of your life!  With sobriety, you can reclaim that precious time and engage in meaningful activities, nurturing personal growth and relationships. Being present allows you to savor the joys of life, deepen connections, and prioritize self-care. This hidden gem of sobriety will help you build a more purposeful existence so you can make the most of each moment.

8. Heightened Intuition

Over-drinking clouds our intuition, making it difficult to tune in to our inner wisdom, or inner mentor in order to make smart and supportive decisions. Sobriety allows you to reconnect with your intuition, that inner voice guiding you towards positive choices. Trusting your instincts becomes easier, leading to a greater sense of clarity and direction in your life.It is simply the best! 

For me, the risks of returning to alcohol are just not worth losing the magic of sobriety and all its benefits. In addition to the obvious advantages such as improved mental health and relationships, I hope these eight less obvious benefits of an alcohol-free life motivate you to embark on your own sober journey. 

Ultimately, sobriety truly supercharges life and is an invaluable gift worth cherishing. Why not join our Signature Sobriety Course to be supported along the journey of changing your relationship with alcohol, so you can also experience these amazing benefits. 

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