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Alcohol is Poison in a Pretty Package

Alcohol is something that is so normalized in our society that most people do not question its use or effects. But the truth is that alcohol is just poison in a pretty package. It is time that we take alcohol off the pedestal and start calling it out for what it truly is.

When we celebrate alcohol, we are celebrating negative effects such as impaired brain function, decreased productivity, anxiety, depression, family problems, cancer, and even death. We cannot continue to support the alcohol industry with their mission to make alcohol a crucial part of our lives. By sharing funny alcohol memes on social media, we are setting a bad example for our children and perpetuating the idea that alcohol is a normal part of life.

As the founder of Thrivalist, the most supportive and empowering online community for sober-curious women, I know firsthand the dangers of alcohol. It is produced through the fermentation of sugars in various foods by yeast, and the type of alcohol found in beverages is called ethanol. This same substance can also be found in nail polish remover, petrol, rocket fuel, cleaning products, antiseptics, and disinfectants.

Pure ethanol is a potent and unpleasant-tasting poison that can put you in a coma or kill you if consumed. It is as toxic as arsenic, and diluting and adding sugars and flavoring to it does not reduce its danger. Instead, it only makes it more dangerous because it causes a slow death rather than immediate death.

While many people argue that alcohol is not a foul-tasting poison because they like how it tastes, the reality is that acquiring a taste for alcohol takes time and repeated exposure, just like acquiring a taste for smoking. Making a poison taste better does not make it any less of a poison.It is time for us to prioritize healthy ways to de-stress and reward ourselves. Let us work on de-stressing, unwinding, celebrating, and rewarding ourselves in ways that are not harmful to our health or our relationships. We need to take alcohol off the pedestal and start calling it out for what it is – Poison in a Pretty Package!

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