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In this blog Lucy describes the competing internal voices that we grapple with when questioning our drinking: our intuitive voice and our addictive voice. She shares her experience of trusting her intuition and the positive impact that has had on her life, and she guides you towards getting in touch with your own powerful intuitive […]

In this blog Lucy compares her last Christmas while drinking with her first alcohol-free Christmas and explains why Christmas without alcohol has been a serious upgrade. It’s 6.30am on the 26th of December 2018. I am lying in the upstairs spare bedroom alone, fully clothed in my cigarette smoke infested Christmas Day dress, my mouth […]

In this blog Lucy shares her experience of dating without drinking and gives you five helpful tips to enjoy the dating scene alcohol-free. When I quit drinking nearly two years ago I was a married woman so dating was not something I gave an ounce of thought to. However, 15 months into my sobriety journey […]