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The Power Behind Investing in your Sobriety

This blog explains why Thrivalist charges for its services and why spending your hard earned cash on one of our programs can fuel better results than signing up to a free service.

Since launching Thrivalist nearly 12 months ago, we have had a handful of people who have asked why we charge to run a program that is for people who need our help. There are several services in Australia such as AA that help people to get and/or stay sober without charging a fee, so why should we?

Firstly, we wholeheartedly believe in our programs and know that when our students invest the required time and energy into completing the module readings, workbook exercises and other requirements, it supports them to completely transform their lives. We have students telling us this almost every day (you can read our reviews here).

Secondly, we have spent years researching, writing and recording the content, hand picking the best of what actually works to create programs that we know transform lives. We invest money back into the business to cover it’s operational costs, keep our content up-to-date and as effective as it can be, plus use paid marketing and advertising to get Thrivalist in front of all of the people who really need it. The business would not be able to continue operating if we didn’t charge a fee. It would not be a sustainable model, meaning we would not be able to help all of the women in our community to build a wondrous life for themselves.

Lastly, there is also an important reason why investing in your own life-changing journey and life upgrade is actually a really powerful action to take. When you commit (with money), you’re far more likely to actually commit to actively doing the program and therefore getting the results you are after. Payment makes you accountable to yourself. How many free courses have you signed up to and started, but never actually finished? When we invest our hard earned cash into something we know deep down we really need, it subconsciously fuels our motivation even further. We put in more effort and try harder to succeed because we have invested in it.

Fear of spending money on yourself (i.e. investing in Thrivalist) can hold you back from living your healthiest and fullest life. You so freely spend your money on alcohol because your addictive voice is telling you that alcohol is a necessity in your life and that you cannot survive without it. Also, the several small purchases at the bottle shop per week are less confronting than a one off larger payment. However, when you calculate what you are really spending on alcohol you will quickly realise that the cost of Thrivalist (which will dramatically improve your life) pales in comparison to your unhealthy alcohol habit.

Below is a really powerful tool to help motivate you even further on your sobriety journey. You will also very quickly work out that your Thrivalist investment will be made back 10-fold, in no time.

Exercise: How much money will quitting alcohol save me?

  1. Use the table provided below to complete your calculations
  2. Start by calculating how much you spend on alcohol consumed at home on a standard drinking week (enter into column 1) then multiply by 52 weeks (enter into column 2)
  3. Now calculate how much drinking outside of your home (pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels etc) costs on average per week (enter into column 1) then multiply by 52 weeks (enter into column 2)
  4. Now consider special occasions when you spend much more than you normally do on alcohol. Figure out how many times these drinking sessions happen in a month and calculate the average amount you would spend on alcohol (enter into column 1) then multiply by 12 months (enter into column 2)
  5. Now consider how much you spent on taxis/Ubers per month when you’re drinking an unable to drive (enter into column 1) then multiply by 12 months (enter into column 2)
  6. Now estimate how much money you lose in a year due to drunkenly lost items (jacket, phones, wallets, bags) and put that figure into column 2.
  7. Finally, estimate the amount of money you spend in a year on ordering late night food, or hungover uber eats that you would never normally eat without a hangover and put that figure into column 2.
  8. Tally up your annual alcohol / drinking costs by adding all of the figures from column 2 together.

Mind blowing isn’t it!? All of your hard earned cash literally being poured down the drain. Consider what else you could spend that money on. What are some of the things you have wanted to purchase but have held yourself back from out of fear of wasting money? What other ways could you be using this money to improve your life?

Take a moment now to really think (and perhaps journal) about your learnings from this exercise and how you can make the change today if you really want to!

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